Personal Profile – Daniel

4th December 2018 News 0 Comments

Start Date…January 2008

Before Imperial?
I worked as a Chef.

Current job role?
Account Manager.

Favourite event to sell/ have attended?
No hesitation it has to be the Monaco Grand Prix – I mean it is one of the most iconic race tracks in the world.

Best part of working at Imperial?
The variety of packages we sell each week helps to keep things fresh. Also the team i work with are awesome and the energy on the sales floor is incredible.

Bucket list event?
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix…the race, the hotel, the opulence it has it all.

Any interesting/ weird/ funny things about you?
1) I enjoy going to gun ranges when stateside and a couple of years ago I won the best paintball marksman in a hit your manager competition we ran within sales…I think my Manager still has a few scars to prove it.