Sam J – My Henley Experience

1st July 2017 News 0 Comments

Team5So I’ve been working at Imperial for less than six months and I honestly love it. The people, job and office environment are all amazing. I get to sell packages to the best events around the world which I know my clients will love plus I get to work with people I truly regard as friends.

The job itself is challenging but the rewards motivate you to push through the tricky moments and keep going. The support you get not only from management but the other sales people is infectious. Even when you have a difficult week and can’t seem to convert a sale, the team around you will support you through it and get you smiling again.

Motivation is vital in this role. You have to be self-motivated and have an inner drive to succeed. Every day you need to bring energy to your calls and remind yourself, that’s what makes my call different to every other one that contact will receive.

For me working at Imperial gives you a sense of belonging, as you join a large family. Everyone from top to bottom knows who you are and will go out their way to help you. As a company we all work hard and probably play harder!

I recently got to experience this first hand when we got invited along to the Henley Royal Regatta. This was a reward for our hard work which made it extra special as we all knew we had worked hard to be there. The directors organised transport and everything to allow us to fully enjoy the day by the river at this exclusive event.

We all took the opportunity to interact with our clients but it was amazing to be at an event I had actually been selling for a few months prior. The day was incredible, drinks, gourmet food, great banter and a river cruise on board our own private boat. It made those tough days fully worth pushing through. I can’t confess to ever thinking about attending this event but as a work reward this really was special.

Overall six months in to the role, the only question I have is who wouldn’t want to work with friends, have a great time every day and on top of that have the chance to earn uncapped commission?!

Sam J – Sales Executive