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The Ashes

16th June - 31st July, 2023

Here’s sports heritage at its finest—the standard of cricket pedigree! The Ashes revives the legendary showdown in 1882 between Australia and England, a famous defeat on home soil. Now you’re invited to be a spectator for this epic tradition!

Hospitality Packages

Edgbaston Stadium is a cauldron of excitement and energy, where the roar of the crowd and the crack of the bat combine to create an electrifying atmosphere. As one of the premier cricket grounds in the world, Edgbaston has played host to some of the most thrilling matches in the sport’s calendar. Book your package now and soak in the ambiance of Edgbaston’s finest hospitality offerings.

What is the capacity of Edgbaston cricket ground?

The capacity of Edgbaston Cricket Ground is approximately 25,000 people

Who plays at Edgbaston?

Edgbaston Cricket Ground is the place to be for cricket lovers in Birmingham. It's the proud home of Warwickshire County Cricket Club, and the stadium is where all the cricket magic happens. From international matches to domestic and county games, Edgbaston is the stage for some of the greatest cricket performances you'll ever see! Plus, the stadium also hosts concerts and other exciting events. So, if you're a fan of cricket, get ready to see some of the biggest names in the sport like England, the West Indies, Australia, South Africa and many more light up the field at Edgbaston.

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