Horse racing at Ebor festival
York Racecourse

Ebor Festival

23rd - 26th August, 2023

The Yorkshire Ebor Festival draws over 300,000 racing and fashion enthusiasts to the award-winning stand. Enjoy elite views and dine on delectable delicacies, including traditional afternoon tea.


Enjoy a splendid day out at York Racecourse with your guests. Book your York Races hospitality package and choose your perfect suite today. Get dressed up in your most stylish attire and meet your guests at the races for an unforgettable day out.

What to wear to York Races?

The specific event and dress code will dictate what to wear, but in general, it's an opportunity to don your most sophisticated and stylish attire. For men, think sharp suits, ties, and polished shoes. For women, it's all about elegant hats or fascinators. It's a chance to feel like a VIP and step out in your best, whether it's a formal suit or a flowy dress.

How far is York Racecourse from York train station?

The York racecourse and York Train Station are around 1.5 miles apart but heading to York Racecourse from York Train Station is a delightful journey, as you get to experience the city before arriving. The journey takes around 20 minutes by car or 30 minutes by foot.

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