Rugby World Cup trophy on stand in the stadium infront of the players

Rugby World Cup

08th September - 28th October, 2023

Jetset to France for this year’s Rugby World Cup. Featuring the most intense nail-biting matches to date, expect roaring crowds, adrenaline-bursting action and VIP-style vibes all around!

Image of the Principality Stadium lit up with fire displays and a busy crowd
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Six Nations

02nd February - 16th March, 2024

The Guinness Six Nations welcomes you to celebrate the annual competition, featuring the national teams of six European nations: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. Fall into the rapture of chanting, cheering and singing as fans fuel up their favorite team!

Ride the emotional rollercoaster that is English Rugby! A test of speed, strength and endurance, this sport is a knockout show of intensity. Share the spirit of the crowd as you bond over sports, drink and fanship.

Rich in history and tradition, watching English Rugby in live action creates a feeling of palpable connection with lasting memories. For the ultimate experience, let us escort you to The Rugby World Cup, featuring national teams from around the globe. Looking sharp in VIP style, sip champagne and get access to worldwide guest speakers with our Rugby World Cup package! 

You’ll stay at a premier hotel known for its magnificent design and cuisine. From luxury dining to elite sports, you can bet on a succulent splash of diversion on this trip, offering that special escape from your everyday routine. Book your English Rugby hospitality package for the trip you need.

How many times have England won the Rugby World Cup?

England have won the Rugby World Cup once in 2003. The victory was a momentous occasion for the country's rugby fans! It was a hard-fought tournament, with England facing off against some of the world's best teams. In the final match, England faced off against Australia in a nail-biting match that kept fans on the edge of their seats. With the score tied at 14-14 in the dying moments of the match, England's captain, Martin Johnson, led his team to a drop goal, securing the win and bringing the coveted trophy home to England for the first time in the country's history! It was a momentous occasion, celebrated by fans and players alike, and one that will forever be remembered as one of the greatest moments in English rugby history.

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