Rugby World Cup trophy on stand in the stadium infront of the players

Rugby World Cup

08th September - 28th October, 2023

Jetset to France for this year’s Rugby World Cup. Featuring the most intense nail-biting matches to date, expect roaring crowds, adrenaline-bursting action and VIP-style vibes all around!

Image of the Principality Stadium lit up with fire displays and a busy crowd
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Six Nations

02nd February - 16th March, 2024

The Guinness Six Nations welcomes you to celebrate the annual competition, featuring the national teams of six European nations: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. Fall into the rapture of chanting, cheering and singing as fans fuel up their favorite team!

A staple of Irish pride since the 1800’s, this team has some of the best players in the world! So whether you’re a die-hard fan or a bonafide thrill seeker, Irish rugby will be your next toast to sports! From bone-crushing tackles to lightning-fast sprints, this strategic game maintains explosive action on the field, keeping you on your toes the entire game. The power and athleticism of these players is truly impressive, and watching them compete live at the highest level is even better! 

Seeing this team perform at the Rugby World Cup or Six Nations is a must for any fan. Not only will you witness the best players in the world in action, but you’ll be watching in VIP style, sipping Champagne with prime seating. With our Rugby World Cup hospitality package, you and your guests will be grinning and loving life!

Why do Ireland rugby have 2 anthems?

Ireland's national rugby team has a unique tradition of playing two anthems before matches, "Ireland's Call" and "Amhrán na bhFiann" (The Soldier's Song). "Ireland's Call" was specifically created in 1995 to unite the players from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland under one banner, promoting inclusivity and unity within the team. It's a powerful representation of the team's diversity and solidarity. "Amhrán na bhFiann" is the national anthem of the Republic of Ireland and has been a staple for the Irish rugby team since its formation in the late 1800s. It's an ode to the team's cultural and historical roots, making the matches an even more patriotic and emotional experience for fans. Together, these anthems create a unique and powerful pre-match atmosphere that sets the tone for the game to come.

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