Rugby World Cup trophy on stand in the stadium infront of the players

Rugby World Cup

08th September - 28th October, 2023

Jetset to France for this year’s Rugby World Cup. Featuring the most intense nail-biting matches to date, expect roaring crowds, adrenaline-bursting action and VIP-style vibes all around!

Image of the Principality Stadium lit up with fire displays and a busy crowd
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Six Nations

02nd February - 16th March, 2024

The Guinness Six Nations welcomes you to celebrate the annual competition, featuring the national teams of six European nations: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. Fall into the rapture of chanting, cheering and singing as fans fuel up their favorite team!


Scotland has competed in every Rugby World Cup event since 1987. Having won the Six Nations tournament 15 times, this team is a must-see spectacle for any sports lover. With sky-high pride and fierce fanship, prepare for electric intensity at every play. 

Scotland’s style of play is iconic, known for their great physicality, strong set piece and attacking flair. Both domestically and internationally, Scotland rugby is an important part of the country’s sporting culture and has a highly-respected team. To soak up the most of this epic experience, you’ll be hooked up with prime viewing seats and a complimentary bar, enhancing the atmosphere with elite hospitality and VIP style. 

Seeing this team perform at the Rugby World Cup or Six Nations is a marvel for any fan. We’ll take care of your entire journey, starting from a seamless departure to delicious meals and of course, top-tier accommodations.

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