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Various Venues

The Ashes

16th June - 31st July, 2023

Here’s sports heritage at its finest—the standard of cricket pedigree! The Ashes revives the legendary showdown in 1882 between Australia and England, a famous defeat on home soil. Now you’re invited to be a spectator for this epic tradition!

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Various Venues

England V New Zealand, ODI Series

08th - 15th September, 2023

Join your fellow guests for the One Day International cricketing event and witness top players in action, delicious food and drink from spectacular hospitality services plus guest appearances from cricket legends themselves!


Located right in the hustle and bustle of the capital, Lord’s Cricket Ground is a true temple of sport and the birthplace of cricket. With a rich history spanning over two centuries, the stadium has seen some of the greatest players and matches in the sport’s history. The buzz in the air on match days is palpable, as fans flock to this mecca of cricket to witness epic battles and unforgettable moments. With new and exciting facilities, this cricket ground is perfect for fanatic fans and the sport’s newcomers.

Where is Lord's Cricket Ground?

Lord's Cricket Ground, also known as Lord's, is located in St John's Wood, London, England.

How to get to Lord's Cricket Ground

There are several ways to Lord's. Take the Jubilee Line on the London Underground to St John's Wood Station and take a stroll to the ground. Alternatively, hop on one of the many buses that run near Lord's, like the 13, 82, 113, or 274.

What is the capacity of Lord's?

The capacity of Lord's Cricket Ground is around 30,000. Seating can be increased or decreased depending on the specific requirements of each event, with temporary seating added or removed as needed.

What to wear to Lord's?

There's currently no strict dress code for Lord's but fancy dress is not allowed.

What is the slope at Lord's?

Lord's Cricket Ground is not just any ordinary cricket field, it's got an ace up its sleeve- the famous slope! With a difference in height of around 10 feet from the Pavilion end to the Nursery end, the slope is a unique characteristic that has been a part of Lord's since its inception in 1814. It's not just for show, this slope helps keep the field dry and adds to the spectator's experience with a better view of the action.

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