The ICE Super 8

18th December 2014 General, News 0 Comments

first-aidIt has been said that heroes are not born, they are created. 8 members of the Imperial Corporate Events team recently became one step closer to reaching hero-status by receiving their First Aider Certificates!

A one day training session, delivered by SWA at their Leicester offices, provided some of the team with the opportunity to learn how to deal with a variety of first aid problems, including choking, burns, cuts and fainting.

It was also a great chance for 2 directors, 4 event operations staff, 1 member of the HR team and an office manager to get to know each other a little better. Not too difficult when you have to spend the day giving each other bear hugs to deal with choking or have to move people’s bodies into the recovery position. Inhibitions were certainly left at the door! A few highlights from the day included learning how to bandage up hands and fingers and naming the dummies: it’s much easier trying to comfort one when you’re on first name terms with them.

One happy participant said of the training “It was a great session! In my role as HR Manager I am the appointed First Aider, and the training course has massively helped me in my duties. The trainer was fantastic; he was clear and precise but fun too, and made us feel at ease when dealing with such a serious subject.”

The qualification is valid for three years, but many of the group have said they would like to take part in the refresher course next year with SWA.

It is hoped that these new skills will never be used but it’s always nice to know we have some heroes trained and ready for action just in case. Well done guys!