Personal Profile – Steph M

3rd August 2017 News 0 Comments

Steph3Start date…April 2013

Before Imperial?
Manager of an Accountancy Practice.

Current job role?
Financial Controller.

Favourite event to sell/ have attended?
Barcelona Grand Prix. Even saying that out loud makes me smile. The hotel we use is amazing and the overall atmosphere of the city is incredible!

Best part of working at Imperial?
No working day is ever the same!

Bucket list event?
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix…having never been to the Middle East, it would be awesome to be there for the final race of the season.

Any interesting/ weird/ funny things about you?
1) I can put my foot to my ear.
2) I have a scar on my little finger that nobody (not even my mum) knows how I got it.
3) I have more nicknames than Santa!