Last Night of the Proms
Royal Albert Hall

Last Night of the Proms

09th September, 2023

Experience grandeur, elegance & patriotism at the 2023 Last Night of the Proms, held at the iconic Royal Albert Hall. Exclusive access, exceptional acoustics & a truly immersive experience awaits you

Grand tier box filled with food options and bottles of wine
Royal Albert Hall

Cirque Du Soleil

Various dates

Cirque du Soleil returns with jaw-dropping acrobatics and captivating storytelling that creates a sense of community, evokes emotions, and leaves a lasting impact. The VIP experience is a shared human experience that will bring you and your guests closer together for a memorable night out!


Transport yourself to a world of musical splendor inside the great walls of the Royal Albert Hall this year. This historic venue, with its stunning arches and intricate details, has been the setting for some of the greatest performances in classical music, rock and roll, and beyond. As you take your seat and the lights go down, prepare to be swept away by the symphonic sounds that fill the air. With its exceptional acoustics and rich history, the Royal Albert Hall is a temple of the arts, where every note is a testament to the power of music to move and inspire. Throughout the year, you and your guests can be entertained by exotic circus acts and orchestral performances.

Where is the Royal Albert Hall?

The Royal Albert Hall is located in the Kensington neighbourhood of London, United Kingdom.

When was the Royal Albert Hall built?

The Royal Albert Hall was built in the late 1800s and opened in March 1871.

How many seats are there in the Royal Albert Hall?

The Royal Albert Hall has a seating capacity of approximately 5,272.

What tube station for Royal Albert Hall?

The Royal Albert Hall is just a short journey away on the iconic London Underground. Step into South Kensington station and be transported to the heart of the city's cultural scene, where you'll find this magnificent venue, a symbol of British heritage and the birthplace of some of the world's most unforgettable performances.

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